Areas You Forgot About Painting: Expert Tips

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When it comes to refreshing a space, painting is one of the most effective ways to bring new life to your environment. Whether it’s a commercial office, a retail space, or a hospitality venue, a fresh coat of paint can transform the ambiance and functionality of a space. However, many people focus solely on the walls and ceilings, neglecting several key areas that could benefit from a bit of paint. As leading commercial painters in London, we’ve seen firsthand how attention to detail in these often-overlooked areas can make a significant difference. Here are some areas you might have forgotten about painting, and why they deserve your attention.

1. Doors and Trim

Doors and trim are the first points of contact in any space. Over time, they can show signs of wear and tear such as scratches, dings, and discoloration. Painting doors and trim not only refreshes their appearance but also enhances the overall look of the room.

  • Why It Matters: Freshly painted doors and trim can create a polished and cohesive look. This is particularly important in commercial spaces where first impressions are crucial.
  • Our Tip: Choose a durable, high-gloss finish for doors and trim to withstand heavy use and make cleaning easier.

2. Baseboards

Baseboards are often forgotten, but they play a critical role in framing a room and protecting the walls. They are subject to scuffs and damage from everyday activities, especially in high-traffic areas.

  • Why It Matters: Well-painted baseboards can make a room look cleaner and more refined. They add a subtle yet noticeable finish to the overall décor.
  • Our Tip: Use a semi-gloss or gloss finish to match or complement the trim and make maintenance easier.

3. Ceilings

While walls get most of the attention, ceilings are equally important. Ceilings can accumulate dust, smoke, and grime over time, leading to discoloration. A fresh coat of paint can brighten the entire room.

  • Why It Matters: A clean, freshly painted ceiling can make a room feel more spacious and inviting. It also enhances the lighting in the space.
  • Our Tip: Opt for a matte or flat finish to hide imperfections and reduce glare.

4. Window Frames and Sills

Window frames and sills often get neglected in painting projects. They are exposed to the elements and can suffer from peeling, fading, and weathering.

  • Why It Matters: Freshly painted window frames and sills improve the overall appearance of windows and contribute to a well-maintained look.
  • Our Tip: Use weather-resistant paint for exterior window frames to protect against the elements and ensure longevity.

5. Behind Fixtures and Appliances

Areas behind fixtures and appliances are frequently overlooked, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. These spots can accumulate grease, grime, and mildew.

  • Why It Matters: Painting behind fixtures and appliances helps to protect these areas from moisture and damage. It also ensures a thorough, professional finish.
  • Our Tip: Use mildew-resistant paint in bathrooms and kitchens to combat moisture and maintain a clean appearance.

6. Stair Risers and Banisters

Stairs are another high-traffic area that often gets overlooked. The risers and bannisters can become scratched and worn over time, detracting from the overall look of the staircase.

  • Why It Matters: Painting stair risers and bannisters can revitalise the staircase, making it a standout feature in your space.
  • Our Tip: Consider a contrasting colour for stair risers to add visual interest and enhance the design.

7. Radiators and Vents

Radiators and vents are essential for heating and ventilation but are rarely painted. They can become eyesores if they are rusty or outdated.

  • Why It Matters: A fresh coat of paint on radiators and vents can blend them seamlessly into the room’s décor, enhancing the overall aesthetic.
  • Our Tip: Use heat-resistant paint for radiators to ensure durability and a consistent finish.

8. Garage Floors and Utility Areas

Utility areas like garages, basements, and laundry rooms are often neglected when it comes to painting. These spaces can benefit from a durable and easy-to-clean finish.

  • Why It Matters: Painting these areas can make them more functional and visually appealing. It also protects the surfaces from wear and tear.
  • Our Tip: Choose epoxy or a specialised floor paint for a long-lasting and resistant finish.

9. Exterior Accents

Elements such as eaves, fascias, and gutters are crucial parts of a building’s exterior that often get overlooked. They contribute to the overall curb appeal and protection of the property.

  • Why It Matters: Painting these exterior accents helps to protect them from the elements and ensures a cohesive and well-maintained exterior.
  • Our Tip: Use high-quality exterior paint that can withstand weather conditions and UV exposure.


Painting is more than just covering walls with colour. It’s about enhancing every aspect of a space to create a unified and well-maintained environment. By paying attention to these often-forgotten areas, you can achieve a level of detail and sophistication that sets your commercial space apart. At Commercial Painters London, we specialise in comprehensive painting services that consider every corner and component of your property. Contact us today to ensure no area is left behind in your next painting project.